Monday, December 19, 2011

What Is Hooping?

“Hooping” is a term for hula hooping with large customized hoops.

Hooping is way more fun than the hula hooping you remember as a child, because the bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it rotates around your body. This means that even if you think you can’t hoop, with one of these hoops, you can! Everybody can hoop, regardless of age, size, or sense of rhythm. When you’re using a customized hoop the rotation is slow enough that even clumsy amateurs can keep the hoop going — and it’s not too hard to get into dancing and even doing tricks.  (this description was borrowed from

·        Hooping is a great workout.  I find tutorials online and practice, practice, practice until I learn a new trick.  Hours will go by but it doesn’t feel like a work out because I’m having so much fun. 

·        Hooping can be meditative.  The hoop rotating around my body is very relaxing.

·        Hooping can also be about nothing but pure joy.  When I go to a park, throw a bunch of hoops out, and turn on some music it instantly attracts people that want to have fun. is a very informational hoop website.  

Happy Hooping!

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